WinCor Properties is a company with roots IN MORGANTOWN that go back 80 years. We care because this is our home, OUR UNIVERSITY, and we take great pride in the community. Come and view our properties, talk to our current tenants, and get the real story on why WinCor PROPERTIES is the best choice for you.


Why rent from WinCor?

  • Best Value. Affordable, clean, well maintained apartments and houses.
  • All Inclusive.  Most properties include ALL utilities, cable, and internet.  Some are fully furnished.
  • No shuttle Bus. Walk to class in 5 minutes. Best Locations next to the Downtown Campus.  
  • No hidden fees.  No application fees, processing fees, or extra charges. 
  • Best lease terms. Easy to read and understand.  We are happy to give you a copy prior to signing. 
  • Best management team. Talk directly to the owners, not a third party rental company.

For Parents

How safe are your properties?

WinCor's top priority is the safety and comfort of our Residents.  All areas have security cameras and high intensity exterior lighting.  All properties are equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  WinCor's houses and apartments are registered rentals with City of Morgantown Code Enforcement office.  WVU owned rental properties  are NOT inspected or certified by City Code and Fire Marshall officials.  Properties outside City limits are also NOT inspected by Code Enforcement or the Fire Marshal.


Why do you use a "joint lease" rather than individual leases?

WinCor wants our Residents to pick the people THEY want to live with.  Pick your own roommates, choose the apartment/house together, then sign up.  By signing an individual lease, you are giving the property management company full authority to impose any one they (the company) pick to live with your son or daughter.  The "roommate matching" service sounds great, but their motivation is to fill the bedroom.  Of more serious concern, these larger companies often fail to do background checks on the people who rent from them. 


What happens if something needs fixed?

WinCor works very hard to ensure our properties are properly maintained.  We are an experienced, a full time property management company with an experienced maintenance staff.  We also have a 24 hour maintenance emergency hotline.  Our office hours are from 9-5 pm M-F.